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At some point in its lifetime, every small business suffers from cash flow problems. The trick is to think ahead and figure out when these problems are going to arise so you don’t have to unexpectedly postpone a purchase or… Read more »

Here are some suggestions for unlocking funds without affecting your operational capacity. Keep in mind that you should always seek professional guidance before making changes to your business if you are unsure of the repercussions or potential issues. Hidden sources… Read more »

As a business owner, you need to understand your customer, the market and how to sell your product or service, you also have to learn a whole new language of financial terms, even worse, try to understand your accountant or… Read more »

We can all read a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet right? Most of us know that we are looking at a snapshot of financial performance at either a point in time or over a period of time. … Read more »

You know how most people who should understand financial information don’t, it’s like swimming against the tide to even try. Well, what we do is teach people in just a day, to understand and use financial information to make better… Read more »

Author: M.S. Welton I have heard “it will never happen to us, we trust our employees” too many times to count.  Fraud happens and employees commit it! In every organisation at any time there is somebody not doing the right… Read more »

The New Year has arrived, and you have decided that the route to creating the financial freedom and work/life balance you have always been after is to purchase a business. You have always thought about owning a small hardware store… Read more »

The accounting, bookkeeping and tax compliance landscape is going to look very different in the next three to five years.  You are going to be wanting more from your financial data and you deserve it to stay competitive and relevant… Read more »

I am that confident in my service, if you do not see an increase of at least 1% on your pre-tax earnings after 90 days of engagement I will refund the full consulting fee. You have heard it all before,… Read more »

Why is an accountant writing about cyber security? In short an accountant should be looking at your business holistically. So as a small business owner why should you care? Here is a link to an article that appeared on ABC… Read more »

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