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Ice Edge came into being when I realised there was something missing in what traditional accountants were offering their clients.  As a small business owner myself I understand how important it is to get good financial business advice before you knew you needed it.  By the time it comes to handle the compliance side of accounting we are already dealing with the past and sometimes that is just too late.

I might say I am passionate about what I do, but that would be a cliché. I really enjoy what I do and do the best I can as both a person and an accountant.  Like you I am running a small business and trying to make a success of it.  I am lucky that I have the aggregated experience of all my clients across the business so can see the “bigger picture” and make decisions from there.

No story that is being written has not been written before!

Why Ice Edge as a name? I came from an internal audit, fraud and forensic background and knew that your Internal Control Environment gives you the EDGE when running a successful business.  In other words, look after the small things and the big things will look after themselves.

I have founded the practice on four pillars, if I fail at one of these I fail as a business.

Approachable – We always want you to feel that we are approachable. You need to feel comfortable that all questions and concerns are valid. We expect you to challenge us and not be shy to ask, “but why”.

Accessibility – We want to ensure that all our clients have access to knowledge that goes beyond the ATO reporting and compliance requirements. We need to ensure that you get sound business advice and can reach your personal business and financial goals. As a business owner you want to rest assured that you can maintain a viable and profitable business.

Integrity – always we must always deal with each other honestly and with integrity.  If I make a mistake, I will admit to it and rectify it.  We will tell you honestly what I think about your business and what the future could look like.  As a client I expect you to do the same and accept responsibility for your actions too.

Community – We need to be an asset to our community, helping small businesses thrive and supporting small businesses not only by being an accountant and advisor to them but if possible, becoming a client and advocate of them.

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